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Welcome to my website.  My name is Ken Anderson and I am the Mayberry Guru from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  Please take a few moments and look around.  You will discover why I am called the Mayberry Guru.  I have a passion for that wonderful quintessential town of Mayberry, North Carolina.  Enjoy your visit and please tell your friends about my site.

This website is about my love for that famous TV town Mayberry, North Carolina.  It is also about my book Mayberry Reflections the Early Years.  I hope you will take a few minutes to look around my site and if you have any comments or would like more information about ordering a book you will contact me.


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The summer of 2015 is off to a busy start with us.  In 2014 we participated in 71 events as The Mayberry Guru and 2015 will be another busy year.  We will be attending many parades, car shows, and communitiy events throughout the summer.  In addition I will be traveling around Wisconsin giving my Mayberry Powerpoint Presentation to various groups.

Woman's Day Magazine Recognition

Woman's Day Magazine Recognition

Mayberry Days Jim Schwenke Memorial Award

My 1965 Ford Galaxie Replica Squad Car



Eau Claire Publication Article


An important part of my passion for Mayberry involves traveling around the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota giving a PowerPoint Presentation about Mayberry that I have developed.  During my presentation I take my audiences back to a much slower and simpler time.  I encourage people to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  I take them back to my childhood days growing up in a very small town during the late '50's and '60's. All proceeds that I receive from doing presentations and selling my book are donated to my small hometown library in Dorcheter, Wisconsin.  I do what I do, not to make money, but because I love Mayberry and I want to keep it's memory alive.

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award.jpg womansday.JPG CCF04302016_0000.jpg 13320732_10207545075938769_307564725787188509_o.jpg
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jason1.JPG sidecar.JPG paul2.jpg paul1.jpg
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bloomeer13.jpg bloomer20.JPG bloomer22.JPG bloomer24.JPG
wes2.JPG augusta7.jpg augusta13.jpg augusta14.jpg
augusta10.jpg bikers.jpg newgirl.jpg thorp.jpg
betty.jpg family.jpg funfest.jpg Nailed.JPG
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100_2860.jpg 100_2856.jpg Lucy.jpg CCF05192013_0000.jpg
100_2871.jpg 100_2859.jpg chicago4.jpg chicago3.jpg
chicago2.jpg chicago1.jpg dental.jpg citation.jpg
belly.jpg dancers.jpg 101_2446.jpg doop.jpg
troop.jpg oop.jpg brackett4.jpg brackett2.jpg
gus.jpg pure9.JPG pure8.JPG pure7.JPG
pure6.JPG pure2.JPG pure1.JPG Eleva7.JPG
Eleva2.JPG choir.jpg Cadott6.JPG Cadott7.JPG
Cadott3.JPG Cadott1.JPG dor2.JPG dor1.JPG
Dorchester10.JPG Dorchester9.JPG Dorchester7.JPG Dorchester8.JPG
Dorchester6.JPG Dorchester5.JPG Dorchester4.JPG Dorchester3.JPG
Dorchester2.JPG Dorchester1.JPG Parade8.jpg Parade6.JPG
Parade5.jpg Parade4.jpg Parade3.jpg Parade1.jpg
contest.jpg Durand.JPG hens.JPG double.JPG
eleva.JPG kellog.JPG two.JPG three.JPG
six.JPG four.JPG five.JPG one.JPG
101_2243.JPG jake2.jpg jake3.jpg cookiejar.jpg
officerken.jpg ben.jpg ralph.jpg MissGilman.jpg
altoona1.jpg vital2.jpg vital1.jpg burger.jpg
bullet.JPG chevy1.jpg gome.jpg badge.JPG
barn.jpg 101_1322.JPG 101_1321.JPG 101_1320.JPG
101_1319.JPG 101_1318.JPG 43.jpg 41.jpg
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sticker.jpg 101_1164.jpg 101_1171.jpg best11.jpg
best10.jpg best9.jpg best8.jpg best6.jpg
best3.jpg best2.jpg Best1.jpg best5.jpg
newcard.jpg Pepin3.jpg Newbarn.jpg third.jpg
story2.jpg story1.jpg abby.jpg abbyone.jpg
religion.jpg Picture90.jpg Picture88.jpg VolumeOne.jpg
Village6.jpg Village5.jpg Village3.jpg Village2.jpg
Village1.jpg LastScan.jpg Paper2.jpg Paper1.jpg
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Inn1.jpg Inn3.jpg Inn2.jpg Courthouse3.jpg
Courthouse1.jpg Convention.jpg Gandy.jpg Plate.jpg
Intro2.jpg Intro1.jpg Bio.jpg barney4.jpg
barney3.jpg four.jpg Deputy.jpg 101_0470.jpg
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Porch.GIF Plate.gif Ken.jpg

My New Deputy Takes Over the Driving
He sure has a cute little helper.