Ken Anderson - Mayberry Guru

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                                                                                                      "What's Your Hurry Presentation"
My main presentation that I do is a power point presentation entitled "What's Your Hurry?"  I have done this presentation many times to civic organizations, church groups, senior citizen organizations, and as a keynote speaker at numerous conventions and conferences.  This presentation is approximately 45 minutes long.  I take my audiences back to the time when "The Andy Griffith Show" first aired back in 1960.  I use pictures from my growing up years in a small central Wisconsin town as a way of introducing my audience to my passion for "The Andy Griffith Show".  I introduce my audiences to the lovable characters from Mayberry and I use multiple video clips from the shows to demonstrate how the folks of Mayberry loved a much slower and simpler life.  I try to get people to understand that many of the simple pleasures of life that we once knew years ago are still possible to enjoy and that many of values that were such an important part of "The Andy Griffith Show" are still an important part of life today.

Citizenship Presentation

This presentation is approximately 45 minutes long and is suitable for children between the ages of 7-13.  I introduce the children to the concept of Citizenship and what it means to be a good citizen.  I present a list of examples of "good citizenship and poor citizenship" and I have the children determine what each example represents.  I introduce the children to the characters of The Andy Griffith Show and give them a brief background as to the concept of the program.  I use four different video clips from the TV show showing children of Mayberry demonstrating both good and bad citizenship behaviors. I emphasize the concepts of "Respect for other's property", "Accepting Responsility for One's Own Actions", and other behaviors that represent good citizenship traits for children.


This 45 minute presentation addresses the very important topic of bullying among children.  There are a number of episodes on "The Andy Griffith Show" which are excellent to help teach young children about bullying.  I began the presentation by discussing what bullying is and why children are bullies and why children get bullied.  I use three different video clips from "The Andy Griffith Show" that show examples of bullying in action.  One video clip also shows Deputy Barney Fife being the victim of a bully.  I feel it is important that children understand that bullying is not just a problem that children have to deal with but it is also something many adults face in their daily lives.  I discuss with the children steps that can be taken to help them handle bullying situations that they may be confronted with.  This presentaion is most suitable for all children in the elementary grades.